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Generate Consistent Warm Leads For Your Business and Attract Paying Clients
Are you having a hard time attracting clients or making sales from your website?

Do you spend endless hours making connections on social media or at networking events and wish there was a faster way?

Would you like to discover how to attract the RIGHT people to your products or services even while you sleep…WITHOUT confusing high-tech options or spending money on advertising?
To All Small Business Owners Who Want To SIMPLIFY Attracting New Leads and Converting Them Into Paying Clients
Hi, my name is Angela Boswell. I'm a UK business owner. I specialize in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to increase their visibility and gets real results online.

Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time is the only way to ensure results for your business in an overcrowded 2017 marketplace.

You already know that relying solely on any social media accounts for your connections and follow-up is time-consumingBut did you also know it’s incredibly risky?

That’s right!

All the social media networks we know today could either shut down your account at any time or simply go out of business themselves. Think ‘My Space’!

Did you also know that the majority of connections you make online or at networking events simply are not a good enough ‘fit’ for your business to become a customer or client.

AND that even if they ARE in your niche… No matter how much effort you put into making the connection it is a complete waste of time unless they know, like and trust you!

All that effort made with people who are quite simply NEVER going to buy from you…

You need a way to SHOW people quickly, even in your absence, that you are the person who can provide what they need – Even when you are not online!
Imagine If...
You could instantly get the attention of the RIGHT people, get them to hand over their contact information (perhaps even credit card details!) within seconds and actually be so excited to hear from you they can hardly wait!!
Without even having to be awake!
This is called ‘Targeted Lead Generation’… 

The best part is… with someone to walk you through the steps it’s actually not difficult.

Doesn’t require confusing technology OR paid advertising.

Together we will create a ‘Lead Magnet’ which solves a ‘High Stakes’ problem YOUR target market is experiencing.

What's a 'Lead Magnet'? Something quick to consume & apply for a 'quick win'  - So of huge value to YOUR clients... & can be as simple as Word doc!

You then lead them through a series of fool-proof steps to convert them into potential paying customers or clients for your business!

You may be reading this right now thinking:

"Well yes I know I need to get targeted leads, I know I need a lead magnet but I just don’t know where to start! "
  • Perhaps you worry the process will be too technically challenging or just plain baffling?
  • Perhaps you simply don’t feel you have the time??  
Allow me to introduce my brand new: 
5 Week Lead and Client 
Attraction Mastery
      I will work with you through the entire process: 

      By the end of the 5 weeks you will walk away with all the steps in place to attract and convert your targeted audience – all online – 24 hours per day/7 days per week!
      "We have been very impressed by Angela’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. She has introduced and patiently guided us through the complex world of digital marketing and provided us with an easy to follow strategy. Thank you, Angela!" Aviation Emissions Solutions Ltd.
      Each week you will get access to premium online training to work through at your convenience, plus a 30 minute 1:1 call with me for accountability and additional support

      • In Week 1
      We will work together to understand and resolve a pressing problem for YOUR clients…so the RIGHT people will be excited to become a contact.

      Having this in black & white to forever refer to, will avoid the no. 1 mistake made online (think scroll past!).

      In Week 2
      We will work through my simple 3 step formula to create a 'lead magnet' that not only provides value to your potential customer/client, but leaves them wanting more! 

      Can be as simple as a Word doc... but will give your clients a 'quick win' so they will be excited to get their hands on it!

      In Week 3
      We will link everything together and create a well-crafted follow-up for your new ‘targeted leads’ to receive. This might include an automated Email sequence (which we will create together), a growing online social media presence (super powerful branding strategy when done right!)

      • In Week 4
      We will map out the best path to lead YOUR potential clients and/or customers down to ensure that your lead magnet seamlessly leads them to take the next step. This will ensure you convert more of your new contacts into PAYING CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS.

      In Week 5
      You will be ready to publish your new lead magnet! This is where many people stop… a HUGE mistake. We will spend this week on the promotion of your new Lead Magnet and follow-up campaign. THIS is where the magic really starts to happen

      No more endless hours spent networking online or at networking events!
      No more feeling of overwhelm with the thought of creating a lead magnet or 'joining the dots'.
      You will walk away with something YOUR audience CAN'T WAIT to get their hands on, ways for your audience to find you (no more networking!) PLUS all the steps in place to convert them into potential paying clients... even while you sleep! 

      Join 5 Week Lead and Client Attraction Mastery now to create and publish YOUR compelling lead magnet - and start converting your audience into warm leads in just 5 weeks.

      For $497 $247 (Special offer first 5 spaces ONLY)

      "Angela goes above and beyond to help others. She has changed my way of thinking and operating my business. She simplifies everything so that we can all understand the process. I am blessed to have her in my life." Charita Maye
      And There's MORE!
      Bonus No. 1: Unlimited Email and Skype message access to me for ongoing support. You’ll never be left in the dark.

      Bonus No. 2: Swipefile 25 High-Converting Headlines and Words That Sell (PDF) Simply copy and paste for your own instant headlines. Perfect for your lead magnet in this course!

      Bonus No. 3: Worksheets and outlines each week. To save or print out to help you with implementation and to save you scribbling tons of notes!

      Bonus No 4: Video tutorial How to build a targeted audience on your Facebook business page… FAST. Without spending any time networking (perfect if you’re short of time)

      5 Week Lead and Client  
      Attraction Mastery

      Only $497 $247

      (Special offer first 5 spaces ONLY)

      30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
      Secure payments through paypal...
      "Angela's a leader! She knows this business.
      Bottom line - she gets results!" Brian Fanale CEO MLSP
      P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $247, you're getting my new  "5 Week Client and Leads Attraction Mastery" course.
      Angela Boswell - all right reserved 2017
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