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Enjoy Your Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet! 

7 Steps To Home Business Success On Facebook
 Exactly What You Need To Do On Facebook Every Day to Build Your Brand, A Legion Of Loyal Followers AND Create a Longterm, Sustainable, Profitable Business...
Getting Started on Facebook With Your Fan Page 
2. Always brand YOU and not your company - unless you actually own the company you want to brand.
3. Choose the appropriate category for your page. 
4. Add a professional profile image. 
5. Add a professional cover photo image. (I recommend
6. Fill out the “About Me” section thoroughly on your new Fan Page. 
7. Run through the settings of the Fan Page and fill out as much information as possible about your brand. 

Note: Sometimes you can immediately claim your vanity URL when creating your page but other times you will have to wait until you get 25 fans. 
Either way, be sure to claim it. Go Here:

     Example of a fan page URL: 

If you don’t claim/create your vanity URL, your page URL will be an unattractive long string of numbers. 
Daily Action Guide
1. Post a status updates 2-7 times per day to keep your audience engaged (depending on your audience/niche). Also, spread out your status updates throughout the day so you are reaching your fans when they are online.  You can use your Fan Page's insights panel to view when your fans are typically online the most throughout the day. 

If your time is limited, consider using the schedule button at the bottom of your status update box to schedule your posts throughout the day.

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2. Check to see if you need to respond to messages from your fans who have messaged your Fan Page. You can turn the message button on or off on your Fan Page in your Fan Page's settings. 

3. Check to see if anyone has posted on your Fan Page and if so, respond to them ASAP. It is incredibly important to build up a trusting relationship with your Facebook 'fans'.

4. Respond to Fans who have commented on your status updates. 

Note: Always go by my 90/10 rule. That is, 90% of your status updates should be value-based and 10% status updates should be promotional - aiming for leads or sales.  

Some of the best practices I have seen in my own business is by creating a status update that leads to something of value (i.e. blog post or video) then introduce an offer within that valuable piece of content.  For example, create a status update with a video tutorial, then present your offer to learn more about XYZ which will lead the audience to click on the link to your offer. 

Be consistent and follow this action guide if you want to increase your engagement on your page. 

Examples of content for your status updates: 
All of the following can be 3rd party content until you start to create your own.  Of course ideally you should aim to also be creating your own content...

a. images PostPlanner integrates with Canva where you can create amazing images the CORRECT size!
 b. quotes on images 
 c. blog posts 
 d. upload videos 
 e. youtube videos 
 f. share training webinars 
 g. interesting articles within your niche 
 h. thought provoking questions 
 i. 10% - link to offers 
 j. links to your other social media accounts inviting your fans to follow 
 k. coupon offers 
 l. event creation 

Know your brand, know your messaging and know your product

Don't send mixed messages to your fans. Speak to your audience and become the “go to” person within your niche. Your goal is to develop the "Know, Like, Trust" factor. People work with and buy from people they know, like & trust. 
Facebook Paid Ads Overview

1. Boost Your Posts - Create this ad to boost your status update posts to the top of the news feed of your targeted audience.

2. Promote Your Page - Create this ad to get “likes” to your Fan Page.

3. Send People to a destination on or off Facebook - Create this ad to drive traffic to your website outside of Facebook

4. Increase Conversions on Your Website - Create this ad after you have installed a conversion tracking pixel on your site and drive traffic to that outside URL. (works the same as number 3, with the addition of conversion tracking)

5. Get Installs of Your App - Create this ad if you are an app developer and you have created an app you want to promote to get users to install your app.

6. Increase Engagement in Your App - Create this ad to increase engagement and brand awareness of your developed app.

7. Reach People Near Your Business - Create this ad for local advertising.

8. Raise Attendance at Your Event - Create this ad after you create an event to promote your event on Facebook to your targeted audience.

9. Get People to Claim Your Offer - Create this ad after you create an offer on your status update to get more people to claim your offer.

10. Get Video Views - Create this ad to get more video views to a video you uploaded on your Facebook Fan Page.

11. Increase Brand Awareness - The brand awareness objective is a way for advertisers to show ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them.

12. Collect Leads For Your Business - Create a Form to collect info from people, including sign-ups for newsletters. (Personally I prefer to use a 3rd party site to do this, such as Mail Chimp or Lead Pages or ClickFunnels)

13. Get People To Claim Your Offer - Use this to promote your offer.

14. Promote Your Product Catalog - automatically show products from your product catalog based on your target audience.

15. Get People To Visit Your Stores - Use to promote multiple business locations to people nearby

Action Guide: Start with about $10-$20 a day budget until you are ready to scale your ad because it’s performing as you expected. To increase brand awareness, start generating leads, and make sales; always have these three types of ads running.

1.) Page Post Engagement Ad to bump a status update to the top of the news feed of your target audience. In our business we always have a page post engagement ad targeting our fans to increase brand awareness and we also create another Page Post Engagement Ad and target an audience that we feel would be interested in our Page Post. By doing this you will get results in the form of “likes” to your page as well as an increase in your brand awareness.

2.) “Likes” Ad to get likes daily to your Fan Page to increase your amount of Fans.

3.) Send People to a destination on or off Facebook so you can direct traffic outside of Facebook to your offers, blog posts, etc. End result you are looking for here is traffic, leads and sales. Be sure to use the "Call to Action" button and make sure you add your description below your image too.

Always, check your ads daily and optimize for peak performance! By analyzing your ads daily you will be able to determine if an ad is working or not.

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Facebook Image Sizes
Facebook Pages:
Cover Photo -- 851 x 315 pixels
Profile Photo -- 180 x 180 pixels
App Images -- 111 x 47 pixels
News Feed Images -- Width of 504 pixels; recommended size of 1,200 x 1,200 pixels
News Feed Link Post "Featured" Image -- 484 x 252 pixels; recommended size of 1,200 x 628 pixels

Page Posts & Ads:
Page Post Link/Offer in Desktop News Feed -- 1,200 x 628 pixels, displays as 470 x 246 pixels
Page Post Link/Offer in Desktop Sidebar Ad -- 254 x 133 pixels
Page Post Link/Offer on Mobile News Feed -- 560 x 292 pixels
News Feed Image Posts -- 1,200 pixels wide, displays as 470 x 470 pixels
News Feed Image Posts (Mobile) -- Up to 626 x 840 pixels

Page Like Ads
Desktop -- 1,200 x 444 pixels
Sidebar -- 254 x 133 pixels
Mobile -- 560 x 210 pixels
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Facebook Fan Page Example

About Me Section of Fan Page

Fill out the 'About Me' section of your fan page with as much detail as possible.
Fan Page Settings

Status Update

Purple Arrow: Status Update
Green Arrow: Upload Image or Video
Black Arrow: Create a Q&A or Event
Red Arrow: Upload an Image
Yellow Arrow: Targeting
Orange Arrow: Post the Status Update and/or Schedule the Update

Boost Post

This example is a boost a post ad created in the ad manager which is appearing in the news feed of the desktop computer. 

Send People to Your Website

This is an example of an add where you can drive traffic straight to your website outside of Facebook.  This particular example is an ad running in the news feed of a desktop computer.  

You can also run this type of ad in the mobile news feed and on the right hand side of the desktop computer.  

The unique feature of this particular ad is the call to action button that is placed at the bottom of the ad.  When your audience clicks that button they are taken to the website you are promoting. 
Thank you for requesting this getting started Facebook cheat sheet. 

As always, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs like you succeed online.


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